Born to bring back lyrical frequencies

to a modernity of great audience
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Grande Opera Italia all-round

Grande Opera Italia (GOI) Srl is a company founded in 2019 2019 to bring back the classical melodrama to the great popular audience.

GOI srl's first pre-production was the Tutankhamon Zimbone's Opera; a classical melodrama in two acts, based on the story of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

After the first announcement made in Venice on 12/08/2019 and the years of downtime due to the 2020/2022 pandemic, GOI, through composer Lino Zimbone, were contacted and chose to have the Arab Society Empire Global Rising as the Exclusive Partner of the Tutankhamon Zimbone Opera.

Our mission

We are born to bring back lyrical frequencies to a modernity of the great audience

To make this true, we hope to rely on the historic Italian genius of music composition.

GOI srl also wants to give to young artists the opportunity to debut. For this reason, the company starts an Academy that will allow young people to send in their work in order to make their debut and go on show together with a great orchestra.

What distinguishes us is the combination of italian musicality and the genius that the great country displays in each sector. Together with the staging of various musical productions, GOI intends to promote an itinerant fair of excellence; a fair that combines the many qualities of products and services with the technology of augmented virtual reality. 

GOI srl, following the UN guidelines on ESG Rating, has chosen to support the Better World Programme promoted by the Associations ConSi and COEMM.


Grande Opera Italia Orchestra


Combination of professionalism and artistic know-how.


ESG through the Better World Programme and the United Nations Project.

Human Value

Ethical Principles Creating Economic-Social-Financial Balance

Others about us

The innovation of spectacularity

Opera is finally combined with modern music. Newspapers about us and the announcement  of Tutankhamon Zimbone's Opera. 



Empire Global Media has granted Grande Opera Italia Srl the formal mandate to search for and collect sponsors on the European continent.

Access here to the Academy and go on show with the Grande Opera Italia Orchestra


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