Access the Academy

Grande Opera Italia allows young artists to send their work and present themselves to our Artistic Direction and, for the most deserving, obtain the opportunity to debut in one or more performances of our Grande Opera Italia Orchestra.

Works (of singers, orchestral, dancers, set designers) must be submitted in the contact form after donating your contribution to one of the many ESG projects that GOI srl intends to promote following the UN guidelines, in terms of compliance with environmental protection, growth of humanity and gender equality in the governance of companies and institutions. We remind that all this is promoted by the external partners ConSi and COEMM, who have actively contributed to the affirmation of GOI srl in the international music markets.

The artistic path of GOI srl, intends to bring music back to a level where creativity and artistic preparation still count, together with the sense of Ethics of the Person who promotes it.

The free donation that we ask those who want to get the attention from our artistic direction and that are sent to the social projects promoted by the COEMM Association, we believe brings the high values of music closer and closer to those of respect for life in all its forms and the Environment.