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Grande Opera Italia (GOI) Srl is a company founded in 2019 2019 to bring back the classical melodrama to the great popular audience.

GOI srl's first pre-production was the Tutankhamon Zimbone's Opera; a classical melodrama in two acts, based on the story of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

After the first announcement made in Venice on 12/08/2019 and the years of detention due to the 2020/2022 pandemic, the GOI, through composer Lino Zimbone, were contacted and chose to have the Arab Society Empire Rising as the Exclusive Partner of the Tutankhamon Zimbone's Opera.

The agreement between Lino Zimone * and the Arab society Empire Global Rising provides that:

* with the clearance of GOI srl

In addition to that, GOI SRL plans to produce:


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