grande opera italia Orchestra

Since the beginning of GOI Ltd., the idea of the members has been to be able to bring operas to the stage where, the Conductor, is always Maestro Lino Zimbone.
That vision, after Empire Global Rising takes over the worldwide production of the Tutankhamon Opera, will have to obtain the approval of that very important Arab company



Violins, violas, cellos, and double basses form the string section and the sound base of the orchestra. They are essential for the creation of melodies, harmonies and atmosphere.


Fautes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons. They can produce a wide range of sounds, from sweet to robust, and often play solo or melodic roles.


Trumpets, trombones, French horn, and tuba bring powerful and distinctive sounds to life, making each moment more dramatic and engaging.


Timpani, bass drums, drums, and cymbals provide rhythm and special effects that capture attention and create mysterious atmospheres.


Piano, harpsichord and organ play a key role in accompanying the strings, providing harmony and support.


This plucked string instrument adds a touch of magic with its delicate and ethereal sound, creating dreamy atmospheres.

In addition to these main instruments, other wind instruments such as saxophone, additional woodwind instruments such as bass clarinet and contrabassoon, or additional stringed instruments such as guitar or lute may sometimes be included, depending on the specific needs of the opera and the composer's choices.